Introducing Our Instructors

by Code Chrysalis

We recently had two awesome people join our team as technical instructors---Brent Gardner and Rachel Koldenhoven. They are from Denver, Colorado and will be making the big move to Tokyo next week!

Brent comes to us from Galvanize, where he was the lead enterprise instructor. His job involved teaching Java, Node.js, React, functional programming, and TDD to developers and engineers from Fortune 500 companies. Previously, he spent most of his life sharpening his coding skills. Spanning genres, he has worked on front and back end development, voice-over-IP systems, CAD software, streaming and relational databases, single page apps, dev ops, and data engineering.

After years of acquiring knowledge, Brent spent time observing a coding bootcamp and discovered a passion for teaching. He has spent the last year teaching Java, Node.js, React, functional programming and TDD to developers from Fortune 500 companies.

Rachel has ten years of experience as a science teacher in the Denver, Colorado area. She worked with a diverse group of urban students that included refugees and immigrations where she specialized in teaching diverse learner.

She took a sabbatical from education to learn how to code and thrived in the Denver tech scene, learning new technical skills. She believes that standard education is ready for a transformation and is excited about combining her skills to transform technology education.

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