Kumiko Haraguchi: Journey to CC

by Code Chrysalis

Kumiko Haraguchi: Journey to CC

Kumiko Haraguchi is one of the students in our first cohort and we recently sat down with her to learn more about her background and how she got into coding.


Kumiko was born in the Aichi prefecture. Upon graduating from high school, she studied abroad for a year in Vancouver, Canada studying English. While working at a guest house, she realized the power of the web and subsequently enrolled in university to study the subject. After her university graduation, she worked for a system integrator as a systems engineer but found that she had few opportunities to actually code in her job. Unsatisfied, she worked as a frontend developer for a development shop in Shibuya before joining Code Chrysalis’s first cohort to improve her skills as a software engineer.

Code Chrysalis: What’s your story since you graduated from high school?

I have always adored other countries and cultures since I was a kid. After I graduated from high school, I wanted to study abroad in Canada to improve my English skills so I worked for two years to save up money.

Eventually, I found myself in Vancouver and I studied English at an English school for the first month. I thought there were too many students and I did not get many opportunities to talk, so I switched to a school that specialized in speaking. Through those classes, private tutors, and working at a guest house, I was able to polish my practical English skills. After coming back to Japan, I took several odd jobs where I could use my English.

How did you become interested in programming?

After coming back to Japan, I worked at a guest house for foreigners. One of my colleagues there was in charge of the website and I was really impressed by how much the website dramatically increased business for the guest house. That was when I realized the power of the web and programming and became interested in learning how to code.

How did you get started with learning how to code?

I searched and enrolled in a university that provided lectures on the web and also had scholarships! I majored in Media Sciences, where I got to learn about the web and also learned some Java. University let me study a wide range of subjects like marketing and the business of the web.

So that means you were about 27 when you entered university — -were you self-conscious about that?

I didn’t care at all. I really enjoyed university and made some great friends. I didn’t feel very different.

Haha, that’s because you look so young. What did you do after university?

I started working for a system integrator as a system engineer after university. Even though I was told I had the opportunity to code during my job interview, I was only involved in the upstream process because the company outsourced most code-related aspects to developers overseas. Because I thought my job was not ideal for my career development, I quit after a year and several months and became a frontend engineer.

Why did you decide to join Code Chrysalis’s immersive?

I wanted to understand the overall system, including the backend, and wanted to level up my skills as a software engineer. The bootcamp has a ton of materials and approaches to improve. I think the most efficient part of it is the project-based learning, in addition to being able to learn in person [as opposed to on-line].

What are your impressions of our pre-course so far?

It’s been tough beyond my imagination. I thought I had understood JavaScript, but I was amazed that the assigned readings had such rich content. In addition, the assigned projects’ difficulties were very high. It was fun though, because I could learn a lot.

Because I stil lhave a job, I get up one hour earlier than usual and make good use of my spare time to tackle the assignments.

What is your future dream?

I really would like to be involved in software development where I can empathize fully with the mission and approach with 100% passion!

Any advice to future fellows?

Just get started! Hmm… I am very sure that anyone can become a software engineer without any fancy academic background and experience if they have serious motivation and energy. Therefore, I highly recommend people to act fast if they are seriously curious about this industry. Let’s explore fate together!

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